Four New Windows 8 Commercials Released – Videos

Microsoft continues its advertising blitz for the new OS

Microsoft has just released four new Windows 8 commercials, trying to bring the key features of the new OS back in the spotlight.

Of course, the company also tries to advertise the touch capabilities of the recently-released operating system, as it’s capable to run not only on the traditional desktop platform, but also on tablets and mobile phones.

One of the ads is dubbed “Work Hard, Play Hard” and tries to demonstrate that Windows 8 is an operating system that can cope with the tasks of working and playing with minimum effort.

If we are to trust Microsoft’s own stats, this $1.8 billion (€1.3 billion) marketing blitz is already paying off, as the company has managed to sell a total of 40 million copies in just one month. And figures are expected to grow, as the PC industry is also predicted to post a significant recovery.

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