Fresh Build Available for uTorrent 3.4 Alpha

It eliminates the “Simplified” view for torrent list

BitTorrent rolled out a new build for uTorrent 3.4 alpha, which brings to the table plenty of corrections, some changes and a new feature (optimization of DHT lookup times).

Starting this revision, the application no longer offers the possibility to display torrent entries in a simplified list.

Among the changes operated in this build is removing the count of the parent “Labels” node. Also, the default limit for DHT lookup times has been increased.

As far as repairs are concerned, the developer did away with various errors occurring when trying to activate the Plus version of the program, eliminated a handful of crash bugs as well as minor memory leaks.

This revision has basically been updated with the progress from the previous versions. Nonetheless, it brings to the table new fixes as well, for issues such as web seeds having unusually long timeouts to reconnect.

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