Gamers Dump Windows 7 and XP for Windows 8 – Steam Data

Steam stats indicate that more users are moving to Windows 8

Even though the majority of reports across the world indicate that Windows 8 is yet to take off, new statistics provided by Valve for its Steam platform demonstrate otherwise.

In December, many more users have decided to dump Windows 7 and XP in order to move to Windows 8, even though its predecessor still holds the biggest share on the market.

According to Steam data, Windows 7 64-bit is currently the top choice with 56.35 percent of the Steam market and a 2.23 percent decline in December, followed by the 32-bit version with a 14.12 percent share and a slight 0.14 percent increase, respectively.

The 32-bit build of Windows XP is third with a share of 10.03 percent and a decline of 0.33 percent last month, while Windows 8 64-bit has posted an increase of 2.08 percent, so it’s now running on 6.33 percent of the system connected to the Steam platform.

Surprisingly, Ubuntu 12.10 64-bit has also posted a 0.29 percent increase, while Mac OS X 10.7.4 lost 0.07 percent.

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