Get Ready to Party: Nearly 50,000 Metro Apps Available on Windows 8

The number of apps available in the Store continues to grow

Top companies across the world are finally porting their apps to Windows 8, and even though some tech giants have refused to do so, the number of entries in the Windows Store continues to grow.

According to the latest statistics provided by MetroStore Scanner, an unofficial tracker of Windows 8 apps, there are nearly 50,000 apps in the Store right now, with the milestone likely to be reached in a couple of days.

Windows 8 officially went live on October 26 with more than 5,000 apps, but Microsoft expected a rapid growth, estimating that more than 100,000 tools should go live before February 1.

That didn't happen, however, so the company continues its efforts to encourage developers to create apps for Windows 8. Microsoft is now offering $100 (€77) vouchers to software makers who port apps to Windows 8, in an effort to boost the number of solutions available to early adopters of the new operating system.

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