Get Windows 8 ModernUI on Windows 7, Vista or XP

WinMetro mimics the new Start Screen and even the “charms” bar

IObit has rolled out a beta build for a customization application that brings an interface similar to Windows 8’s ModernUI to lower versions of Microsoft’s operating system, 7, Vista and even XP.

The name of the program is WinMetro and it’s a pretty good mimic for the Start Screen in Windows, as it features finance, sports and news app tiles that receive updates in real time.

The application even adds a “charms” bar that gives you access to settings or the “search” tool in Windows. Check the images in the gallery below for a better look at WinStart.

However, because it is currently in beta stage of development you may experience errors. We received numerous error prompts for the MetroBar component. If you are enough of a daredevil to install it, you can download WinMetro from this page.


WinMetro adds ModernUI screen to Windows 7, Vista and XP (3 Images)

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Gallery Image
Gallery Image

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