Get the Best Twitter Client for Windows 8 at a Very Special Price

Tweetro+ is now available with a price tag of only $4.99 (€3.79)

Tweeting from a Windows 8 device can be quite a difficult task right now without an official Twitter client, but the Windows Store comes with some pretty good alternatives.

Tweetro+ is definitely one of the best Twitter clients for Windows 8 and even if it’s not available for free, it now comes with a very special holiday price.

Those who purchase Tweetro+ this month will get the app for only $4.99 (€3.79), down from the original $9.99 (€7.59) price tag.

To refresh your memory, Tweetro+ is the paid version of the popular free application that was pulled out from the Windows Store after having reached its 100,000-user token limit and got blocked by Twitter.

Developers have decided to create a paid solution that comes with all the features of the freeware version and many more.

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