Gmail Connect Is a New and Expensive Google Mail Client for Windows 8

The app is now available in the Windows Store for Windows 8 and RT users

Google doesn’t want to build its own official Gmail client for Windows 8, so several third-party developers have noticed the opportunity to make a name for themselves by developing their own clients.

Gmail Connect is one of the clients specifically optimized for the touch, offering multiple account support, live tiles, message groups, built-in search, and options to filter and flag received emails.

“Unlike other so-called ‘Gmail client apps’, it’s a truly native Windows 8 app with original UI in Windows 8 style, offering support for live tiles and Start screen notifications and fully functional in both portrait and landscape orientations as well as in snap mode,” the app description reads.

Of course, Gmail Connect works on both Windows 8 and Windows RT, so you can also install it on Surface RT tablets. It comes with a price tag of $7.99 (€6.5).

Click here to view and download Gmail Connect for Windows 8/RT.

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