Good News: the Freeware Microsoft Office 2013 Preview Is Still Available

Microsoft says the trial will only expire 60 days after general availability

While all Windows 8 preview versions expired a couple of days ago, the same was expected to happen to the preview build of Microsoft Office 2013 too, at least according to the expiration date displayed in every single copy of the productivity suite.

But Microsoft says that the preview flavor of Office 2013 will still be available for a little longer, as the final product is yet to be released. The preview build will only expire 60 days after the full Microsoft Office 2013 hits the shelves, Microsoft told

“Your trial will not expire but in fact renew automatically. However, the trial will still expire 60 days after the next version of Office becomes available... people who see the notification in their billing section will not have to reset anything, it will be done automatically. If people have not checked the billing site until now then they wouldn’t have known that something similar has happened in previous months,” a Microsoft spokesperson was quoted as saying.

If you want to download Microsoft Office 2013 Customer Preview, register for the trial on this page.

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