Google Chrome 22 Adds Support for More Natural Gaming on Web Apps

Introduces Mouse Lock API and Windows 8 enhancements

Google updated the stable channel for their browser to version 22.0.1229.79. It is available for all supported platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome Frame) and it introduces Pointer Lock JavaScript API (Mouse Lock).

What this means is that users have natural control of the perspective in first-person games, without having to worry that the mouse moves outside the game window. You can check the new capability in Mozilla’s demo BananaBread, a 3D first-person shooter.

Of course, this opens the door for the use of other types of applications that can be used for medical purposes, scientific visualization, training or simulation.

Apart from this step forward, the new release also includes Windows 8 enhancements and improvements for HiDPI displays. Security has also been strengthened, with Google shelling out money for eliminating critical, high and medium level vulnerabilities.

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