Google Chrome 23.0.1271.97 Stable Available for Download

It updates Flash, fixes problem with plugins that stopped working

Google released a new update for the stable version of Chrome browser, incrementing the build number to 23.0.1271.97. The fresh revision is available for all supported platforms (WindowsMacLinux and Chrome Frame) and integrates repairs touching on the functionality and security of the application.

One of the issues fixed relates to texts in a Website Settings popup being trimmed under certain conditions. Another problem fixed affected Linux users and consisted in <input> selection rendering white text on white background, thus making the string invisible.

On Windows 8 users would not be able to launch system-level Chrome after self-destructing the user-level version.

Also repaired is the issue with plugins such as Google Voice and Unity Player that would stop working. The issue is described on this page.

This revision also includes the latest version of Adobe Flash.

Download Google Chrome for Windows

Download Google Chrome for Mac
Download Google Chrome for Linux

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