Google Chrome 24.0.1312.2 Dev Available for Download

It fixes info bar alert failure and game loading on Windows 8

Google rolled out a new update for the dev channel of Chrome browser. Revision 24.0.1312.2 is currently available for all supported platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome Frame).

Among the most significant modifications available in the new build there are several repairs that touch on the stability of the browser.

Apart from these, the developer fixed the problem with getUserMedia API that failed upon video-only requests, in lack of an audio input device.

On Windows 8, there would be no info bar alerting users that a plugin worked only in the Desktop mode of the application, and the message was relayed only through the plug-in missing icon informing of the problem.

Another issue on Windows 8 was failure to load games using Native Client (NaCl). The cause of the problem has been traced to failure of the module to load.

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