Google Chrome 25.0.1323.1 Dev Available for Download

There are no new features available, only repairs and improvements

Google rolled out a new update for the dev channel of Chrome browser, incrementing the build number to 25.0.1323.1. The fresh revision is available for all supported platforms (WindowsMacLinux and Chrome Frame).

The changes in this release do not include new features, only fixes. The developer has repaired the issue with WebRTC audio not working when the call is set up before the audio connection occurs.

On Windows, Chrome 25.0.1323.1 should no longer crash if touch-handlers are uninstalled in response to a touch event. This problem affected both operating systems from Microsoft with support for touch.

In the case of Windows 8, there is now UMA metrics for switching to the modern UI app and the desktop mode.

Overall improvements in the browser also include recognition of web pages with incorrect language specification. As such, some of the errors affecting the translation helper are now eliminated.

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