Google Chrome 25.0.1364.26 Dev Available for Download

Minor revisions, both integrate several stability fixes

Google rolled out the first updates for their browser for 2013. The company increased the build number for the dev and beta versions of Chrome to 25.0.1364.26 and 24.0.1312.49 respectively.

Both are available for all supported platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome Frame) and integrate stability fixes.

Among the modifications in the dev release, there is moving of the update indicator below the settings line as well as repairing regarding the display preferences, inherent to WebKit.

If the host plugin is not supported, the Share button in the remote desktop app is now disabled. This would happen on Windows 8, when Chrome runs in modern UI mode, since sharing is possible only in desktop mode.

In the case of the beta revision, one important fix regards flushing of the SSL connections when clearing the channel IDs.

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