Google Chrome 26.0.1397.2 Dev Released

It adds support for MTP device media file system on Windows

The dev channel for Google Chrome has been updated to a new build. Although minor, revision 26.0.1397.2 of the browser is jam-packed with modifications, mostly repairs; it is currently available for all supported platforms (WindowsMacLinux and Chrome Frame).

The fresh dev build contains changes regarding the Media Gallery API, such as removing the extension gallery watch count details and integrating support for MTP device media file system on Windows.

The alternate “new tab page” also went through modifications and now sports right-aligned search token as well as a fix causing the unpinned bookmark bar to lose its position.

For the Windows 8 version of the browser the developer added a mechanism to set the default handler for a URL protocol. The full list of details for this revision is available here.

Google also updated the beta (25.0.1364.58) and stable (24.0.1312.57) revisions of the browser. In the case of the former, the most notable change refers to eliminating the red overlays for window controls on XP.

In the stable release the developer addressed problems with the renderer crashing when using certain IMEs and the microphone input dropout with Pepper Flash. Both issues would occur on Mac systems.

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