Google Chrome 26.0.1410.3 Dev Available for Download

Shows banner in “Clear browsing data” informing of Incognito mode

Google released a new update for the dev channel of their web browser, Chrome. The fresh revision number is 26.0.1410.3 and it is currently available for all supported platforms (WindowsMacLinux and Chrome Frame).

Among the most significant modifications available in this build is the possibility to group domains by week or by month in the history list. This patch adds a checkbox on the “history” page that should organize the results in a day by domain and order them by the number of visits.

However, the option becomes available only if the “--enable-grouped-history” command line switch is available when running the web browser.

Another change is the display of a banner for users who remove their browsing data on a regular basis. It appears in the “Clear browsing data” dialog only if this section has been visited less than 24 hours since the last purge and informs that they could use incognito mode instead.

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