Google Chrome Dev 24.0.1297 Available for Download

It updates V8 and WebKit, fixes bugs on Windows and Mac

Google updated the dev channel for Chrome browser, incrementing the build number to 24.0.1297. The fresh revision is available for all supported platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome Frame) and contains mostly fixes and component updates.

V8 engine has been upgraded to version, which contains performance and stability improvements, while WebKit is now at version 537.16.

Repairs touch on issues with Omnibox suggestion feature, Web Store icon and the text in the related field, after installing an app, which went out of the normal limits.

On Windows, styling for Web Intents windows has been updated and the problem with launching the browser in Metro UI when uninstalling on Windows 8 should bother users no more.

On Mac systems, the developer solved the problem with Chrome failing to quit and with using an outdated version of Pepper Flash. Also fixed is the browser hang when using the webcam on Facebook with OSX Flapper.

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