Google Chrome Dev 26.0.1403.0 Available for Download

It brings to the table fixes for all supported platforms

Google released a new update for the dev channel of Chrome browser. The fresh revision is available for all supported platforms (WindowsMacLinux and Chrome Frame) and integrates plenty of fixes.

One of the important changes included in this build is that showing Google Now notifications has been enabled. This might have an impact on browser’s startup time and this is exactly what the engineers want to find out.

The extension is supposed to check for the location of the computer every five minutes, but the information should not be sent back to Google, saved to disk or associated with the user, for obvious privacy reasons.

Another modification refers to the color of the Omnibox text for suggested results, which is now black instead of grey.

On Windows, the action box should now disappear when typing in the Omnibox and reappear only when editing stops. Also, on XP, now there is the possibility to print preview a selection from the context menu.

On Mac, now users can drag a URL onto Home Button in order to set it as homepage. Furthermore, the search token has been added to Omnibox and the speech bubble for platform apps is enabled.

The stable version of the browser has also been updated to 24.0.1312.68, for Linux only. It contains a fix for failed update of the Flash player component which caused problems with playing videos online.

Download Google Chrome for Windows

Download Google Chrome for Mac

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