Google Chrome with Extended History

History Plus adds details and filtering to Chrome 'History' page

Nobody is particularly interested by the “history” page in web browsers. We’re all content it is there and that it helps us find some forgotten web link, although sometimes search can become a tedious affair due to lack of any filtering options, except for days.

History Plus is a nifty extension for Google Chrome that adds a nifty set of details and options to the “history” page in Google’s browser. It pins a calendar in the left side of the screen, which makes navigation to a specific day much easier.

Just like in the original page, search is supported and results come in fast. Each and every entry is accompanied by the time and date they were accessed; in the top right part of the screen you have the amount of results returned.

It integrates perfectly in Google Chrome (it actually replaces the original “History” page) and lets you delete the entries.


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