Google Search for Windows 8 Updated and Available for Download

The Mountain View-based company has just released an improved version of its search app

Google has recently said that it doesn’t plan to release other apps for Microsoft’s new Windows 8 platform, but the company continues to improve the existing software.

The Search app, for example, has been updated with support for printing and several improvements aimed at the voice search features.

In addition, the new Google Search for Windows 8 application boasts the ability to launch all results in the default browser, according to the release notes. Last but not least, it comes with speed enhancements and several undisclosed bug fixes.

The application can be installed on all Windows 8 devices, including x86 and x64 computers, but also on ARM tablets, such as Microsoft’s very own Surface RT.

Click here to view the Google Search for Windows 8 app product page in your browser.

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