Graph Shows That Windows XP Is Losing Users on a Daily Basis

Consumers are again recommended to move to a newer version of Windows

Windows XP is losing users on a daily basis, a new chart shows, confirming that Microsoft’s efforts to move people to a newer platform are pretty effective.

This new graph published by Wolfgang Kandek, CTO of Qualys, shows that Windows XP has constantly lost market share points from January, with a single exception taking place in mid-2013 when it actually gained more users.

At the same time, the graph shows that Windows XP’s market share is expected to continue its drop in early 2014, as we get closer to the official retirement date scheduled to take place on April 8.

And still, as you can see for yourselves in this photo, security experts do not expect all users to move from Windows XP before end of support, with Microsoft itself admitting that it hopes to see only 13 percent of the consumers to stick to this platform after April.

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