Great Big War Game for Windows 8 Update Released for Download

A brand new version of the game is now listed in the Windows Store

Great Big War Game, one of the most popular strategy games on multiple platforms, received a major update on Windows 8 operating system, bringing not only new multiplayer goodies, but also plenty of bug fixes.

The new version features a new multiplayer map called “Trenches,” as well as map modifications for a better gaming experience.

In addition, Great Big War Game comes with fixes aimed at the trial mode, with no nag screen now displayed to users who give the game a try.

The update is now up for grabs for all Windows 8 versions, including the desktop x86 and x64 builds, but also the ARM flavor available on Windows RT tablets.

Click here to view the new Windows Store product page of Great Big War Game for Windows 8 in your browser.

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