GrimeFighter from Avast Available for Download

Automated PC optimization suite for less technical users

AVAST added a new product to its portfolio with the release of GrimeFighter, an automated solution for improving the performance of the computer.

The product relies on the technology of Jumpshot (created in 2010 and launched on the Kickstarter crowdfunding site in 2012), a company AVAST Software acquired back in late September 2013, which produced a solution for less advanced users to optimize the PC.

GrimeFighter searches the PC for software with negative impact on the system, such as toolbars or spyware.

Its approach is different from what is already available on the market because the optimizer locks the system so it can run the necessary routines unhindered. Each routine has a specific name in order to make them more appealing to the home user.

Thus, it will be Torque, Sir Jeffrey, Mario, Dr. Liza, Zilch, Maximus, Holmes, and Grime that look for the elements causing the computer to slow down, checking for privacy risks, removing unnecessary files, tuning and optimizing Windows services and settings as well as analyzing hardware components for faults.

Furthermore, its actions are proactive, as the bundle can detect hardware components that might be in danger of failure.

avast! GrimeFighter is not compatible with all Windows operating systems and the company informs that version 8 is not supported. The bundle is subscription-based, with introductory prices of $/€24.99, $/€44.99 and $/€64.99 for one, two, or three-year license.

[UPDATE]: Initially, we mentioned different subscription prices for US dollars and Euro because we could only find the prices in USD. An AVAST representative has informed us that the conversion rate does not apply. The article has been modified accordingly.


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