Gunpowder for Windows 8 Gets Updated, Download Now

A new version of the game is now up for grabs in the Store

Even though Gunpowder has only recently landed on Windows 8, an update for the game is already showing up in the Store, bringing several improvements to an otherwise pretty well-developed app.

While the release notes are fairly vague and do not provide us with too many details on the new release, Gunpowder continues to be available for all Windows 8 platforms, including the tablet-oriented Windows RT installed on several devices, such as Microsoft’s own Surface RT.

The trial version packs a total of 10 levels, while the full game comes with 100 levels and Xbox live support.

Since it’s compatible with all Windows 8 builds, it can be played with touch controls or with a mouse, so desktop users should get a similar gaming experience as tablet owners.

Click here to view the updated Gunpowder for Windows 8 product page in your browser.

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