Gunstringer: Dead Man Running to Be Windows 8-Exclusive – Trailer

The new game will be exclusively available on Windows 8 tablets and computers

Gunstringer: Dead Man Running will be exclusively available on Windows 8 devices, including computers, laptops and tablets running the brand new Windows RT.

Other Ocean has just announced that Windows 8 users would get a 15-level story mode and a total of three different Endless Runner levels, all available on each Windows 8 platform.

While the launch date is yet to be disclosed, we did find out that the game will be available for free, but it will offer several in-game purchase options for those who want to make the most of the game.

“Hard earned loot can be exchanged for new customization options such as weapons and power-ups to aid you in The Gunstringer’s quest,” Other Ocean explained in a post on their official Facebook page.

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