HWMonitor Update Brings Windows 8.1 Support – Free Download

The hardware monitoring app can now work on the new Windows 8.1 too

HWMonitor is one of the latest apps that got support for Windows 8.1, so you can now use it even if you’ve already made the move to the newly launched Microsoft OS version.

An update released today brings HWMonitor not only Windows 8.1 compatibility, but also support for new CPUs, as it follows: Intel Silvermont (Bay Trail), Intel Ivy Bridge-E/EP/EX, Intel Core i5 and Core i3-4xxx, AMD Opteron X1150 and X2150, 3200 and 3300 series, FX-9590, and FX-9370.

At the same time, version 1.24.0 provides fan speed report on ATI GPUs and adds support for Asus FM2+ motherboards.

In addition to Windows 8.1, the program continues to work flawlessly on all the other builds, including XP, Vista, and 7.

All in all, the update clearly makes the app one of the top choices for those looking to monitor system hardware, so go ahead and download HWMonitor 1.24.0 even if you’ve installed Windows 8.1.

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