Hackers Working on App Store for Jailbroken Windows RT Tablets

An unofficial store for recompiled apps is now in the works

More and more users are jailbreaking their Windows RT tablets and the number of recompiled apps compatible with these devices is continuously increasing, so the developers behind the whole project are ready to proceed to the next step.

An unofficial app store that will host recompiled apps for jailbroken Windows RT tablets is now in the works and will allow users who apply the hack to install these programs with just one click, without the need to re-download the packages every time.

At this point, an early build of this app store doesn’t support real-time updating, so it’ll only display a small number of apps, but developers promise to add plenty of new features in the near future.

We’re still to hear from Microsoft on this topic, but a company spokesperson recently hinted that the software firm may develop an update to block future hacks.

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