Here Is the First Easter Egg Hidden in Firefox 29 with Australis

Mozilla has implemented at least one Easter egg in its new browser

Firefox 29 with Australis officially launched yesterday, bringing what's most likely the biggest redesign of Mozilla's browser and thus providing users with a very controversial change.

While liking Australis is probably just a matter of taste, Mozilla's new browser also comes with at least one Easter egg that makes use of the new interface implemented in this build.

Whenever you're clicking on the menu button and you enter the customization mode, you are allowed not only to rearrange the displayed buttons, but also to delete the existing items or add new ones. But ever wondered what is going to happen if you remove all items?

I did and after clearing the menu bar of items which some of us find useless, I ended up with a unicorn flying around the Australis UI. Of course, it isn't something that influences the way the browser works, but it's still a nice way to tell you that some buttons should actually be there on the menu bar to make Australis more or less helpful. Unless you're into unicorns, that is.

Of course, if you haven't tried it already, download Firefox 29 with Australis or read more information about this new version in Softpedia's review for the Windows build.

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