Here’s What VLC for Windows 8 May Look Like

Project developers have released two artworks to show a potential VLC for Windows 8 UI

VLC for Windows 8 is yet to be released and the developers behind it are still trying to raise money to support the app, but the project has just reached 70 percent funding on Kickstarter.

To celebrate this milestone, VideoLAN has decided to publish two artworks showing what could be the design of the upcoming VLC for Windows 8 Modern app.

Although both screenshots look absolutely gorgeous, this isn’t the final design, the developers said, but they “show the direction where we will be going.”

Of course, the company is yet to announce a release date, but if everything goes as planned, expect to see VLC for Windows 8 landing in the Windows Store in the next few months.

Microsoft has already confirmed that it would support the project with technical help, so the development process should be completed very fast as soon as the necessary funds are raised.

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