Here’s a YouTube Mom Trying to Shut Down Windows 8 – Video

One more clip that shows how confusing Windows 8 really is

No, we’re not over yet. People are still saying that Windows 8 is confusing, even though it has been released two months ago, and what’s worse, they’re still recording their parents while struggling to use the new operating system.

This time, someone’s mom spends approximately five minutes to figure out how to shut down Windows 8 so yes, this is one more attempt to prove everyone that Microsoft’s new Windows is not quite user-friendly, at least not for beginners.

And the truth is, shutting Windows 8 down may be a bit of a problem since you first need to log off, but seriously now, there’s no doubt that 99 percent of Windows users know that pressing Alt + F4 on the desktop brings up the power options dialog.

Still, some people find it confusing, so have a look at this video and use the comment box after the jump to let us know what you think.

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