Hoax Alert: Bill Gates $5,000 Giveaway

No, Bill Gates isn’t donating $5,000 (€3,735) to everyone who “likes” his photo

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates recently took part in his first AMA session on Reddit so, just like everyone else, he submitted a photo to administrators to prove his identity.

Pranksters, however, modified the photo to read “Hey Facebook, as some of you may know, I’m Bill Gates. If you click that share link, I will give you $5,000. I always delivered. I mean, I brought you Windows XP, right?”

Users are thus encouraged to hit the “Share” link on Facebook but, obviously, no reward will be offered.

It’s only a hoax but, according to hoax-slayer.com, several users have failed victims to the prank and actually shared the photo. Nothing bad can happen, but still, it’s not a good thing to fail for such hoaxes.

As for Gates, he hasn’t said anything about the scam and, given the fact that he’s very busy with his charity work, chances are that he won’t do it.

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