Hotmail Suffers Outage as Transition Continues

Some users reported problems when trying to sign into their accounts

Microsoft continues to encourage Hotmail users to make the switch to, but several users have reported issues when trying to sign into their accounts.

Monitoring service DownRightNow has also reported problems with Hotmail today, even though the Redmond-based technology giant is yet to confirm it.

The company has already started to recommend existing Hotmail users to upgrade to, as the revamped email service is playing a key role in its long-term strategy. is Microsoft’s very own Gmail rival, with the company claiming that more than 25 million users worldwide have already registered for an account. In addition, Microsoft has conducted several studies to demonstrate that Gmail users are ready to dump Google’s email service and move to

The Hotmail to transition is optional for the time being and even if Microsoft hasn’t said anything about this, it could become mandatory this year if everything goes well.

Update: Microsoft has just confirmed that no issues have been experienced with the Hotmail service, so transition to goes just as planned.

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