How to Bring Back Aero on Windows 8.1

A freeware theme brings back the famous Aero effects on Windows 8.1

The lack of Aero is said to be one of the main setbacks of Windows 8.1, especially for users who aren’t quite satisfied with the new flat look of the operating system.

The so-called Aero 8.1 theme promises to solve all problems and bring back the Aero effects on Windows 8.1 with just a few clicks.

The theme is exclusively aimed at Windows 8.1 and requires you to first patch the theme service in the operating system to successfully install it.

Still, if you really want to make your Windows 8.1 computer look like the one in the above screenshot, you also need some third-party apps to disable the ribbon UI, install a fully-working Start Menu and tweak some other visual elements of the operating system.

Overall, this theme clearly makes Windows 8.1 look more familiar for some users, so download Aero 8.1 if you want the classic appearance back on your computer.

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