How to Discover the Best Windows 8 Apps

A Windows Store application allows you to do that with minimum effort

There are more than 25,000 apps available in the Windows Store right now, but some of them are completely useless for most Windows 8 users out there.

That’s why many of you actually need Great Windows Apps. This very simple application is actually a directory that displays the best apps in each category based on reviews and ratings.

The application also comes with a search feature to quickly look for a specific title, but also with “Top Rated” and “New Releases” sections to make the most of the Windows Store.

“This app generates true new releases and true top rated listings, to allow users to discover the apps they want, rather than being spoon-fed a handful of selected apps by the Windows Store,” the official description of the app reads.

Click here to load the Great Windows Apps product page in your browser.

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