How to Listen to Pandora Radio on Windows 8

A third-party app available in the Store lets you do that

Listening to Pandora Internet Radio on Windows 8 is as easy as on any other Windows platform out there, because you simply have to launch your browser and go over to the official page of the service.

But in case you wish to make the most of the Modern interface of the new Windows 8, there’s only one option. It’s called PRadio and it’s a third-party solution designed to let you listen to Pandora with minimum effort.

The app asks you for your Pandora username and password when you launch it, so in case you’re not based in the United States, you’re not allowed to listen to any song or station.

US residents, on the other hand, are allowed to pin radio stations to the Start Screen, manage these stations, bookmark songs or artists and stream music to other devices. What’s more, the app offers playback controls, multimedia keyboard support, background streaming and logging for diagnostic purposes.

Click here to load the PRadio Windows Store product page in your browser.

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