How to Make the Most of Windows 8’s Bing Search App – Video

Microsoft rolls out video to show the benefits of the Bing integration

Windows 8 comes with several pre-installed Modern apps, including a Bing search tool for those who wish to quickly search the Internet without leaving the Metro interface.

While the Bing search app is clearly a very convenient tool for many users, it’s just a minor element of a deeper integration that allows users to look for specific information on the Internet from their Windows 8 device.

As you probably know by now, the Charms bar, together with the Bing app, also provides access to a very fast search option that can be accessed with just two simple taps.

It shouldn’t take too much time to discover the benefits of this seamless Bing integration, so watch the above clip rolled out by Microsoft and tell us what you think using the comment box below.

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