How to Restore Deleted Windows Live Messenger Contacts

Microsoft releases workaround for users affected by the WLM – Skype transition bug

Plenty of users are complaining that their contact lists are removed once they move from Windows Live Messenger to Skype, so after weeks of investigations, Microsoft has finally released a workaround.

While the company also recommends all users to download Skype 6.1, those who want to restore their deleted Messenger contacts must first sign out and quit Skype completely.

Then, simply go over to and sign in with your Microsoft account. Click on “Manage” and hit the “Restore deleted contacts” option. Choose the contacts you wish to restore and click the dedicated “Restore” button.

Once they’re restored, you can select them once again and re-invite everybody by clicking on “Manage” and “Invite to Messenger”.

Microsoft claims that this trick should fix all issues and warns that users have only a limited number of invitations they can send per day.

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