IE11: First Beta in Windows Blue, Full Version in Windows 9

Microsoft may launch a new version of its in-house browser in Windows 9

Windows Blue, the first major upgrade for Windows 8, is expected to hit the shelves this summer and, aside from plenty of improvements for the new Microsoft OS, it’s also likely to come with the first beta of Internet Explorer 11.

Even though that may sound a bit awkward given the fact that IE10 officially debuted in Windows 8 last October, Microsoft is reportedly working on IE11, so the first test build is likely to see daylight in August.

As far as the stable release is concerned, the job openings we’ve told you about earlier also confirm that Microsoft is now working on both Windows 9 and Internet Explorer 11.

According to this job ad, Microsoft is seeking an engineer to enhance the IE11 integration into Windows 9, so the company is most likely pondering the release of the new browser together with the next standalone Windows contraption.

As usual, we should take all of these with a grain of salt, at least until Microsoft confirms or denies the information.

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