In Case You Missed It: The Official Microsoft Surface Launch Party – Video

Microsoft releases the full video of the Surface launch event

As you probably know by now, Microsoft released both the Surface tablet and the brand new Windows 8 operating system a few days ago and aside from New Yorkers, consumers from all over the world watched the launch parties on the Internet.

Microsoft claims that millions of fans watched the two products go live, but since the interest is so high, the company decided to roll out the full video version of the Surface launch event.

Steven Sinofsky and Panos Panay took to the stage to show the world the new Surface tablet, which is actually Microsoft’s first major bet in a world that was, is and will probably still be dominated by Apple and its iPad.

The Surface however is already sold out online and even if it’s considered a potential iPad killer, Microsoft’s officials claim it has the power to deliver much more than that.

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