Interest in Windows 8 Is High – Dell CEO Bloomberg

Dell official reveals that Windows 8 is doing very well at this moment

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has officially revealed a couple of weeks ago that his company had managed to sell a total of 40 million Windows 8 copies in just a month, but sources familiar with the matter have actually hinted that this new OS had missed internal sales projections.

In addition, analysts and retailers across the world confirmed that Windows 8 isn’t selling very well at this point, with 2013 expected to bring a significant increase in this regard.

And despite all of these, Dell Chief Executive Officer Michael Dell said during the company’s annual Dell World conference in Texas that interest in Windows 8 is pretty high at this point, once again without disclosing any sales figures.

“The interest in Windows 8 is quite high, even among commercial customers,” he said according to Bloomberg.

The latest figures released by Net Applications suggest that Windows 8 still struggles to take off, as it currently holds a market share of only 1.46 percent.

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