Internet Explorer 10 Browser Used to Promote Thief of Thieves Website

The page is now fully optimized for Microsoft’s in-house browser

Microsoft has just announced that the “Thief of Thieves: Experience” website is now completely optimized for its very own Internet Explorer 10 browser, as it received several improvements that make it usable on both desktop computers and touchscreen devices.

According to a post on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer blog, the website turns users into virtual thieves, creating their own identity and practicing skills in larceny.

“The Thief of Thieves web site also makes heavy use of scalable vector graphics (SVG), which provides rich graphics regardless of a user’s zoom level or screen size. Animating these rich graphics enhances the story telling but in the past has caused issues with performance, which could impact a user’s overall experience,” the blog post reads.

You can experience the new website right now using this link or watch some behind the scenes moments in the above clip.

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