Internet Explorer 10 Close to Becoming the Number One Browser in the World

New statistics show that IE10 has grown a lot lately

Internet Explorer continues to dominate the browser market, according to statistics provided by market researcher Net Applications, while both Google Chrome and Firefox are still trailing behind.

August 2013 figures show that Internet Explorer 8 remains the number one browser in the world with a market share of 21.65 percent, while version 10, the one that’s installed by default on Windows 8, is the runner-up with 18.65 percent.

IE10 has posted an impressive growth in the last few months, boosting its market share from only 9.26 percent in May to 13.52 percent in June and to 15.36 percent in July.

Google Chrome 28 is the only non-Microsoft browser that reached the podium last month, posting a share of 9.96 percent, while Firefox 23 is only installed on 7.15 percent of computers worldwide.

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