Internet Explorer 10 Ends January with 1.29% Market Share

IE9 lost market share, reflecting Windows 7's drop in the timeframe

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 10 browser has managed to grow beyond the 1 percent market share mark in January 2013, now enjoying 1.29 percent of the worldwide desktop browser market.

The application shows slow growth, with only 0.33 percentage points gained since December 2012, although Windows 8 has gained some more ground in the timeframe.

Interestingly enough, data coming from Net Applications also unveils that IE9 has lost 0.42 percent percentage points in January, now sitting at only 20.93 percent market share.

As TNW notes, this drop reflects the market share loss that Windows 7 has registered in the timeframe.

Other versions of Microsoft’s desktop browser, however, managed to grow during the last month, with IE8 gaining 0.25 percentage points (now at 23.54 percent market share), IE7 growing 0.02 percentage points, and IE6 going up 0.17 percentage points in the timeframe.

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