Internet Explorer 11.0.9 Now Available for Download

Microsoft's in-house browser received a new set of updates today

As I've told you earlier today, Microsoft rolled out new Internet Explorer fixes as part of the Patch Tuesday cycle, so now a new version of the browser is available for download for all those running the new Windows.

Internet Explorer 11.0.9 is basically the most secure version of the browser that's currently available for download, pretty much because it packs all security improvements and updates released by Microsoft so far.

This particular build is available on both Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 computers, so if you're running any of these two platforms, you should launch Windows Update to check for new updates as soon as possible.

In the meantime, Microsoft is also working on a new version of Internet Explorer that could be rolled out together with Windows 9, most likely in early 2015.

Microsoft hasn't yet revealed what the features to be improved in Internet Explorer 12 are, but the company did hint that a significant UI is very likely. And still, it's not yet clear whether this revised UI is expected to be introduced for the desktop version or for the Metro UI.

Overall, this update clearly comes in handy especially for those who are still running Microsoft's browser, so download Internet Explorer 11.0.9 right away to make sure that you're completely secure.

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