Internet Explorer Is Still the Number One Browser in the World

New data shows that IE8 was the top browser last month

New figures provided by Net Applications indicate that Internet Explorer 8 remained the number one browser on the market in December with a market share of 23.29 percent, followed by IE9 with 21.35 percent.

Google Chrome is only the third browser in Net Applications’ ranking with 15.42 percent, while Mozilla Firefox 17 comes fourth with a share of 10.74 percent.

Internet Explorer 10, the latest version of Microsoft’s in-house browser, still trails behind all its rivals, as it holds a market share of only 0.96 percent.

On a side note, Internet Explorer 8, the top browser on the market according to these new stats, is currently affected by a security flaw that could allow attackers to run malicious codes on a vulnerable system. Users are recommended to either switch to IE9 or IE10 or to deploy this Fix it tool.

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