Internet Explorer Under Attack, as Microsoft Is Still Working on a Security Patch

Users are recommended to switch to IE9, IE10 or a different browser

Cybercriminals have recently found a bug in Internet Explorer that allows remote code execution on a vulnerable computer.

Microsoft has already confirmed the security flaw and released a Fix it tool to assist users into configuring their browsers in order to stay on the safe side, but a security update is yet to be released.

While the Redmond-based technology company is still working on a patch, security firm Avast says that Internet Explorer has received several attacks from at least nine compromised websites.

Jindrich Kubec, director of Threat Intelligence at Avast, told TheNextWeb that four websites are currently trying to exploit the flaw, while five different webpages have already been taken offline.

Microsoft recommends users to switch to IE9 and IE10, as they’re not affected by the flaw, but Windows XP users aren’t allowed to upgrade beyond IE8. In this regard, switching to a different browser or deploying Microsoft’s Fix it solution are the only two available options.

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