Internet Explorer Is a Child of the ‘90s, but Now It’s Better than Ever – Video

Microsoft rolls out a new ad to emphasize that IE is a much better browser

Microsoft’s in-house browser Internet Explorer has been improved quite a lot lately, so version 10, the one bundled into Windows 8, is said to be the fastest and the most reliable of them all.

But the company continues to roll out advertisements in order to show everyone that Internet Explorer is no longer a slow browser prone to security exploits, as Microsoft has invested heavily to make it a powerful rival for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

This new video calls Internet Explorer a child of the ‘90s, while revealing that recent improvements made it the fastest browser on Windows 8. Security reports showed that it’s also the best browser to protect users from malware, the company said.

Have a look at this terrific video and let us know what you think using the comment box after the jump.

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