Internet Explorer Wins the Browser Battle in January 2014

Statistics show that IE remains the number one browser in the world

The battle for the number one browser continues with another round, again won by Microsoft’s very own Internet Explorer.

Statistics provided by market researcher Net Applications show that Internet Explorer remained the top browser in January 2014 with a share of 58.21 percent, while all its rivals are trailing behind and struggling to keep up with Microsoft’s app.

Firefox, for example, is installed on 18.08 percent of desktop computers, while Chrome has only reached a share of 16.28 percent.

Version-wise, Internet Explorer 8 is still the undisputed leader with 21.25 percent, while Firefox 26 is the runner-up with 13.42 percent. Internet Explorer 11, 10, and 9 come next with 11.51 percent, 9.28 percent, and 8.92 percent respectively.

Of course, it’s pretty clear that IE’s main advantage is the fact that it’s installed by default on Windows computers, but as you can see, IE11 is also gaining ground even though only a few users are actually moving to Windows 8 and 8.1.

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