It Takes Up to Two Weeks to Get Used to Windows 8 – Microsoft

The new Windows boss says that adapting to Windows 8 is just a matter of time

Windows 8 has always been considered a confusing operating system, but Julie Larson-Green, the new Windows boss after Steven Sinofsky’s departure, says it’s all just a matter of time until people get used to it.

Green said in an interview with MIT Technology Review that adapting to Windows 8 takes at most two weeks, although more experienced users could discover the goodies of the new operating system even in two days.

“Two days to two weeks is what we used to say in Office, and it’s similar in Windows 8,” she explained.

Of course, some users prefer to stick to Windows 7, just because they found this OS flavor a lot more familiar and easier to use. And figures released by PC retailers across the world prove this is already happening, with 8 out of 10 new buyers choosing Windows 7 over Windows 8.

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