It’s Official: Ballmer Buys His Own NBA Basketball Team

Microsoft’s CEO is one of the investors involved in the Sacramento Kings acquisition

Even though so many people are currently criticizing him for the way he manages Microsoft, CEO Steve Ballmer has enough time to negotiate the takeover of Sacramento Kings, the NBA basketball team that’s reportedly for sale.

According to ESPN, equity manager Christopher Hansen, Steve Ballmer and some other Seattle businessmen have already reached an agreement with the Maloof family to purchase the basketball team.

The next step is to bring it to Seattle and re-adopt the old SuperSonics name and logo for the upcoming season. Although that seems to be only a matter of time given the fact that the $525 million (€392 million) deal is close to completion, it looks like the city of Sacramento may oppose to the relocation.

In case you’re wondering, Steve Ballmer has enough money to own a basketball team as he’s currently number 24 in Forbes’ billionaires ranking, with a net worth of $13.6 billion (€10.1 billion).

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