It’s Too Early to Judge Windows 8 – Acer

Acer President Jim Wong talks about Microsoft’s new operating system

If we’d judge Windows 8 by users’ comments and analysts’ opinions, Microsoft’s newest operating system is a disappointing, confusing and difficult to use product that has no chance to be as successful as its predecessor.

But Acer President Jim Wong said in an interview with DigiTimes that it’s too early to judge Windows 8, even though the operating system has been “greeted with pessimism.”

What’s more, the Acer official stated that Windows 8 and the touch-capable hardware have the power to revive the PC industry, as both are predicted to post a significant recovery next year.

As for sales of the new operating system, Microsoft hasn’t commented too much on the matter, even though analysts and sources close to the matter have indicated that it failed to meet internal sales projections.

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